About us – detailed text

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We are a New Zealand publisher producing books on digital photography, biking trails, children’s picture books, local history. We are becoming more involved in memoir writing, encouraging people to tell life stories of their family. Brian Miller also runs workshops for beginners in digital photography, and over 700 participants have attended workshops in the last few years.

The name ‘Lifelogs’ refers to portraying or recording the stories and experiences of someone’s life, or a ‘log’.

The publishers Brian and Diane Miller have an extensive background in bookselling, writing, publishing and photography. They operated Tapui Children’s Books for over twenty years before venturing into their own publishing business Lifelogs Ltd.

Brian (BSc) first became involved with books when working in Papua New Guinea for 13 years. He spent many years training high school science teachers and then several years organising the publication of educational books for the country. Through Lifelogs Ltd. he has written Digital Cameras the easy way and with Diane co-authored Macandrew Bay – a history of a community on the Otago Peninsula, Otago Central Rail Trail easy guide and several other books.

Brian has been involved with photography for many decades and his topselling book, Digital Cameras the easy way, has sold over 12 000 copies. He began using a camera at age 12, spending may decades in darkrooms. From 1971 Brian  spent 13 years working in Papua New Guinea, training secondary science teachers and running school book production. During that time he photographed village life all over the highlands culminating in his 1983 top-selling pictorial book, The Highlands of Papua New Guinea – (Now out of print, highly acclaimed and much sought after.) Copies can be found on www.abebooks.com

In 1984 Brian returned to New Zealand and spent over 20 years running Tapui Children’s Books selling books to school around the South Island. In 2005 I suddenly converted from film to digital and wrote Digital Cameras the easy way – a pocket book for beginners who do not have years of experience in photography.

In 2009 Brian began running digital photography classes for beginners, initially mainly for retired people with compact cameras, but each year the age of the participants gets younger and the size of the cameras gets bigger. Now the bulk of the cameras in the classes are SLRs or mirrorless and the ‘students’ range from teenagers upwards.

Diane (BA, Dip Ed. B.Com) has been immersed in books most of her life. She taught primary school, then helped to manage Tapui Children’s Books for many years. She has co-authored a series of reading books, Kiwi Phonics, and through Lifelogs Ltd. written three picture books, Alice’s Adventures at the Castle, Stars of Orion and Josephine off the Rails.

Through Lifelogs you can:

  • Purchase one of our many publications.
  • Learn how to prepare an interesting memoir that people will enjoy reading.
  • Make better use of your digital camera to record images for your stories by purchasing the book Digital Cameras the easy way or attending a course of Digital Photography for Beginners lessons tutored by Brian Miller.

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