Photography Course Testimonials

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Some replies from participants


Brian certainly has a way of de-mystifying digital photography and so perhaps I have overcome my reticence to get involved. I appreciated his emphasis on how to deal with large numbers of shots currently scattered on the hard drives of various computers about the house.

I had to rush off on Wednesday night so did not say how much I enjoyed the classes. I had been to one previous day camera class a year ago which left me daunted and very frustrated so it’s now good to feel much more hopeful and excited. Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learnt a lot, and feel very excited about photography in the future.

The course was really informative only now I have to make the difficult decision of which camera to buy!

I gained much and am slowly trying to digest it all. I have used the camera and had Brian’s voice ringing in my ears!

I learnt heaps from the classes and will be more motivated to experiment. It was a great. Many thanks

My son said he really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it – high praise from a teenager.

Thanks for a great course I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was paced well and covered all the basics in an easy to understand manner. The previous course I’d done was all with technical terms etc and was mainly to show us just how much the tutor knew, not so much for new beginners I felt – but that was just my opinion.

Thanks for a brilliant course that was greatly appreciated.

Just a response to the course that you ran. Thank you
I found it really helpful and interesting

Really enjoyed your last class- so glad to have someone so patiently explain these things.

Thank you Brian for such a great class – I really enjoyed what I learnt and look forward to putting it into practice. You have a really good programme design, presentation and pace.

Thanks Brian, I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. (Moon photo enclosed) I would have never been able to take a photo like that before hand.

See what I spent most of Tuesday doing – (Photos of the Otago Peninsula) I still ain’t no professional photographer, but I sure enjoyed the day looking at the city and peninsula in a different light. I still have your classes last year to thank for that!

Loving the course. I will pay for the little book this Wednesday.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and it certainly gave me some extra tips which I am putting to good use.

I am currently working on adding some new photographs to our website (over the next few weeks). I just wanted to pass on to you that I am using a lot of the information I learnt in your class. Your class was very worthwhile. I still have to work on a few things like getting Photo Shop Elements installed and purchase a polarizing filter for my camera (for glass photographs mainly) but I have already reorganised all of our personal photographs and backed them up as you suggested as well as referring back to your notes about editing

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Cook Channel – Dusky Sound, Fiordland NZ