Brian Robertson – review

Capturing Light—Roy Miller Stained Glass Artist.

Any book by its very nature is a unique object. This book is much more. It stands alone and apart in our house, never failing to attract and to impress visiting friends.

The book is as beautiful as it is detailed. By no means is it simply a biography of Roy Miller. It is packed full of painstaking information and specifics on many aspects of his life and the processes required of a stained glass artist and craftsman.

There is as much in this book about the physics of light and how it reacts as it passes through glass as there is in any good physics textbook. Not only that, but the author also describes very carefully exactly how to look at the examples of this great art in New Zealand churches. As he does this, he is even brave enough to comment on the emotion thus created.

The hundreds of photographs presenting examples of Roy Miller’s art throughout this book are spectacular. I doubt if any professional publisher, other than Brian Miller, could have created such an informative and beautiful book.

Your award of a bronze medal in the Australasian section of the American Independent Book Awards is very well deserved. Congratulations.

Brian Robertson

27 July 2018