Paul Hutchins

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Paul Hutchins – Stained Glass Artist. Miller Studios 1976 – 1988

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In 1976 Miller Studios advertised worldwide for a stained glass artist. Roy selected Paul Hutchins, who became a highly skilled glass artist.

Born in South Wales, Paul Hutchins completed the foundation course at Norwich School of Art, then for three years he studied stained glass and was awarded his Diploma in Architectural Glass at Swansea School of Art in 1976.

In 1976 Paul travelled to America to study at the ‘Glass House’ in San Francisco and learned the copper foil technique for lamp making. The same year Paul worked with Ludwig Schaffrath, who at that time was one of the top architectural glass and mosaic artist in Germany.

In mid-July 1976 Paul accepted the position at Miller Studios and flew to Dunedin, New Zealand to commence work with Roy. Roy could only work part-time after suffering a heart attack at the end of 1977 and after he retired at the end of 1979 Paul ran the studio. Roy regularly called into the studio to follow the commissions and give guidance, but to the shock of everyone, Roy died in 1981.

Paul was faced with the enormous task of having to complete two more of the massive Scott windows for the Christchurch Cathedral. Rose Tamplin proved to be a capable assistant and between both of them they carried on with the Scott windows, completing them within a year. (These have now been safely removed after the Christchurch earthquake.) During the next few years Paul, now the principal of the glass department, executed over 90 windows, a prodigious output, mainly using Beverley Shore Bennett designs and assisted by Rose, who completed her apprenticeship in 1983.

However, after several years of productive output a serious blow fell. Churches had invested heavily in the stockmarket and lost heavily when the stock exchange crashed worldwide in 1987. Churches and benefactors suddenly cancelled their forward orders for windows and Miller Studios was forced to close the stained glass department. Several glass factories and studios worldwide also closed during this economic downturn.

Paul moved to Perth in Western Australia where he continues to work in the Art Industry.


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