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Be prepared for your special adventure on the Otago Central Rail Trail – buy this compact pocket-sized little Easy Guide book before you leave and use it as you travel. It is packed with the most useful information about this part of Central Otago, and cross-sections and maps provide a visual guide to each part of the Trail.


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Thousands of people ride and enjoy the Otago Central Rail Trail each year. This compact, illustrated guide is packed with useful facts and easy-to-digest information that will help you understand and appreciate the places you will visit.  An overview of natural history explains why Central Otago is so different and special – geology, climate, plants and animals. Photos help bikers identify the common plants and animals. The human history is equally fascinating – the first travellers, the early sheep runs, the discovery of gold and the building of the Otago Central Railway on which the Trail is built – many historic buildings and sites add to the charm of this part of the world.

The cross-sections of each part of the Trail are combined with maps of main towns and surrounding areas to make it easy for ‘trail trippers’ to plan their movements. Tips for good lunch spots, fun quiz questions to enliven these breaks, locations of ‘loos,’ web-site links, an “Events Calendar” for those who want to link their trip to regional activities, hints for taking better photos and biking tips – and all this useful information fits in your pocket!


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