Stars of Orion

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A picture book set in a newly-settled Otago introduces children to our adventurous past. New Zealand’s first gold-rush in 1861 attracted thousands of diggers hoping to make their fortune in the Tuapeka goldfields. Robbie, a young boy from the small town of Dunedin, has the adventure of a lifetime when he follows his dad to Gabriel’s Gully.

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The story follows the adventures of a young boy who sets off in 1861 from the newly-settled town of Dunedin to find his father, a digger hoping for a fortune in Gabriel’s Gully. Only the shepherds had ventured that far inland at that time, so there were no roads, no bridges, no maps  – and no shops along the 80 mile trek, and certainly no schools in the shanty town at the diggings. But the early adventurers were a hardy lot, as were children like Robbie. This picture book is an ideal way to introduce New Zealand history to children, and would be a useful teaching resource for  junior primary school teachers.

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