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What are your best photos?

I think your best photos are the ones being used. The photos in your albums, on your website or in Photobooks. What point is a ‘best photo’ that is sitting in a hard drive unused? Since the recent revolution in digital photography people are taking 10 times as many photos as they did with film – just because it’s free – or so they think. It actually cost quite a lot to keep buying new computers, new printers, more ink cartridges and update your software. It is false to think of it as free and what’s more it takes a lot of time to sort through those 10 times as many photos to find the best ones and then get them printed. Most people do not bother, it’s just too hard so Hard drives end up with tens of thousands of images floating around and the best ones are never retrieved and used.

Take less photos – file them in a sensible set of folders and use your best photos. If you are unsure how to do this then you can find out by joining one of the Digital Photography for Beginners six week classes run by Brian Miller each year in Dunedin and Mosgiel.