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Otago Central Rail Trail ~ easy guide

This top selling innovative pocket-guide has changed the way people ride the Rail Trail in Central Otago.

Rail Trail - Central Otago New Zealand

Over 10,000 people ride and enjoy the Otago Central Rail Trail each year, but too many ride each section without stopping to explore and enjoy Central Otago’s many attractions. This compact illustrated guide is packed with useful facts, cross-sections and easy-to-digest information. The suggested side trips will enhance your experience on the Trail.

Cros-section of the Rail Trail between Lauder & Auripo
Lauder Auriopo section

A book to buy before the trip and to use as you do the Trail.

The first section explains why Central Otago is so special, with an overview of natural history – geology, climate, plants and animals. Photos help bikers identify the common plants and animals. The human history is equally fascinating – the first travellers, the squatters, the discovery of gold and the building of the Otago Central Railway on which the Trail is built.

The cross-sections of each part of the Trail are combined with maps of main towns and surrounding areas to make it easy for ‘trail trippers’ to plan their movements. Tips for good lunch spots, fun quiz questions to enliven these breaks, locations of ‘loos,’ web-site links, an “Events Calendar” for those who want to link their trip to regional activities, hints for taking better photos and biking tips – these all make the Easy Guide a very useful little book.


This pocket-sized guide is so full of useful facts and easy-to-digest information that it should find a home in the pocket of every Trail visitor.

Otago Central Rail Trail

Price $NZ15.00 inc GST + freight of $2 per book in NZ

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Digital Cameras the Easy Way by Brian Miller

There is quite an “art” needed to master today’s highly computerised digital cameras and their manuals!


Prominent Dunedin writer and publisher Brian Miller has addressed this by writing an outstanding little book, fact filled with solid practical advice [with even a quote from ourselves], all about Digital Cameras the Easy Way.


“I’m blown away by a tiny NZ book – Digital Cameras the easy way – Packed full of useful hints and explains the gobbledygook that comes with manuals – all for $15” Jan, Page & Blackmore Booksellers – Nelson

“There’s plenty in this book to justify it’s modest cover price to anyone starting out in digital photography. and if you’re putting off buying a digital camera because it all seems too complicated this is the book for you” Jeremy Rose – Scoop Review

“Full of simple, sensible advice and numerous tips , – but without wodges of unnecessary information to wade through.” Otago Daily Times

“The little handbook – is quite wonderful. – Has the approach of a master teacher and it feels throughout that [the author] is beside the reader and sharing his journey with him – challenging yet accessible and friendly.” Prof. Graham Hill Wanaka

“Helps demystify digital photography – essential tips to improve your photographs. Never overly technical, it’s aimed at the average person who just wants better images.” NetGuide