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Capturing Light – Roy Miller – Stained Glass Artist

St John's Anglican Church, 561 Ferguson Drive, Trentham, Upper Hutt. - 'Archangel Michael' - BSB 008, executed by Roy Miller, 1971
St John’s Anglican Church, 561 Ferguson Drive, Trentham, Upper Hutt. – ‘Archangel Michael’ – BSB 008, executed by Roy Miller, 1971


– First book to showcase stained glass windows from
churches throughout New Zealand
– Roy Miller was New Zealand’s leading stained glass artist
from the 1950s until 1981
– Background history to the art of stained glass worldwide
– Overview of early Dunedin stained glass artists
– Database provides location to all windows
– Importance of correct techniques for conserving historic stained glass

Brian Miller (BSc) is the author of several top-selling books, including ‘The Highlands of Papua New Guinea’, ‘Digital Cameras the easy way’ and co-author of ‘Otago Central Rail Trail – easy guide’.

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Available early October 2016
PRICE: $69.99
FORMAT:      270 x 210  mm Pb – French Flaps
EXTENT:       272 pp
ILLUSRATIONS:  354 Colour images and 18 Black & White photos.
ISBN:          978-0-9922457-1-9

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Macandrew Bay – a history of a community on the Otago Peninsula

JUST REPRINTED – Great Christmas present for anyone who lived in Macandrew Bay.

Gordon Parry (ODT) called the book: ‘outstanding – crammed full of human interest stories and one of the best of its type I have seen.’

This history of a community on the Otago Peninsula will be of interest to anyone who has loved living “down the Bay”. Lavishly supported by photographs and illustrations, it depicts a rich history from its geological beginnings to such diverse topics as the Maori, sealers, whalers, early settlers, regattas, ferries, famous politicians, churches, schools, the pre-supermarket era of shops – not to mention the activities of a busy and close community.

Macandrew Bay
Macandrew Bay a history of a community on the Otago Peninsula

$NZ30.00 inc GST, ex shipping

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Otago Central Rail Trail ~ easy guide

This top selling innovative pocket-guide has changed the way people ride the Rail Trail in Central Otago.

Rail Trail - Central Otago New Zealand

Over 10,000 people ride and enjoy the Otago Central Rail Trail each year, but too many ride each section without stopping to explore and enjoy Central Otago’s many attractions. This compact illustrated guide is packed with useful facts, cross-sections and easy-to-digest information. The suggested side trips will enhance your experience on the Trail.

Cros-section of the Rail Trail between Lauder & Auripo
Lauder Auriopo section

A book to buy before the trip and to use as you do the Trail.

The first section explains why Central Otago is so special, with an overview of natural history – geology, climate, plants and animals. Photos help bikers identify the common plants and animals. The human history is equally fascinating – the first travellers, the squatters, the discovery of gold and the building of the Otago Central Railway on which the Trail is built.

The cross-sections of each part of the Trail are combined with maps of main towns and surrounding areas to make it easy for ‘trail trippers’ to plan their movements. Tips for good lunch spots, fun quiz questions to enliven these breaks, locations of ‘loos,’ web-site links, an “Events Calendar” for those who want to link their trip to regional activities, hints for taking better photos and biking tips – these all make the Easy Guide a very useful little book.


This pocket-sized guide is so full of useful facts and easy-to-digest information that it should find a home in the pocket of every Trail visitor.

Otago Central Rail Trail

Price $NZ15.00 inc GST + freight of $2 per book in NZ

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Josephine off the Rails

josephine steam engine Dunedin

This children’s picture book, Josephine off the Rails, published in October 2013 has become very popular and will soon be heading for a reprint. The old locomotive Josephine escapes from the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum and charges down the track to help a frightened little dog find his family. The pair have a thrilling adventure on the Taieri Gorge railway, and Otago Central Rail Trail. Aimed at 3-6 year olds.

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Moments in Time: Ralph Miller – Artist

Dunedin artist Ralph Miller - Moments in Time by Brian Miller


Moments in Time… Ralph Miller was a highly talented Dunedin artist who died in 1956 at the young age of 37. He left over 1000 sketches and artworks most have been kept in the family for decades, some artworks are in galleries. A wide selection of Ralph Miller’s sketches and paintings are reproduced and presented within the context of his life and the events and people who influenced him. This book for the first time shows the quality and extent of his work, which now has real historical value. You can see Ralph Miller’s work on the website

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Alice’s Adventures at the Castle

A picture book set in Dunedin makes a uniquely New Zealand gift for children.

Alice has another dream-like adventure – but not in Wonderland. This time her fears come true and she really does fall into “the Antipodes” – she finds herself in  Larnach Castle near  Dunedin. In her attempt to find her way home she explores this wonderful garden and its castle and meets old friends as well as new. The Door in the Tree, statuettes of Alice, the Cheshire Cat, etc. are features of the real castle garden which is open to the public.

Alice’s Adventures at the Castle

$NZ20 inc GST, ex shipping

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Stars of Orion

A picture book set in a newly-settled Otago  introduces children to our adventurous past.

New Zealand’s first goldrush in 1861 attracted thousands of diggers hoping to make their fortune in the Tuapeka goldfields. Robbie, a young boy from the small town of Dunedin, has the adventure of a lifetime when he follows his dad to Gabriel’s Gully and Wetherstons shanty town.

$NZ 20 inc GST and ex shipping

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Macandrew Bay Memories 1848 – 2012

During 2009 Brian & Diane Miller spent most of the year involved in historical research on Macandrew Bay – a project which resulted in the book Macandrew Bay a social history of a community on the Otago Peninsula. As part of this project and the 150th celebrations of the local school several people wrote accounts of their life or that of their families from Macandrew Bay. This book completes the history project and combines the stories from many local families spanning a wide range of years from 1848 to 2012. The stories make fascinating reading and the book includes complete cemetery records up to 2012.


Macandrew Bay Memories 1848 – 2012
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How to Catch Fish

How to Catch FishA top-selling book for New Zealand children packed full of tips on how to catch fish – in rivers, lakes or the sea. How to use fishing rods, make extra gear, fish from boats, tides, trout, fly fishing, salmon, eels, whitebait and knots. One of the most popular children’s fishing books ever in New Zealand