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Digital Camera Course Notes & Links


Week one was an introduction and overview, to the world of Digital Photography. It is not just about learning how to use your camera, but also the various work-flow procedures of SHOOT – DOWNLOAD – CULL- BACKUP – FILE – EDIT – SHARE. Digital Photography is an exciting world but unless you can control your camera and your images you will never be able to easily share your photos with others. Each week we will learn some new aspects of the process.


This week you are to take a few photos on any topic you like and bring your best one or two photos to the class to discuss at the beginning of the lesson. I want you to practice dragging your images onto a pen drive, take them to a photo kiosk and learn to use a kiosk.


For more information and links click on  Digital Cameras the easy way website Lots of useful advice. A great website to refer to when you need to solve a problem


Here is an inspiring collection of photos from the BBC called Human Planet

National Geographic has set the standard for photography for many decades.

Tom Ang has written 22 books and sold over 2 Million copies – He has lots of practical ideas on his website

Click here to see Brian’s Picasa web album of an OE journey in Europe.

Useful tips for beginners on


The Photo Gallery 263A George Street Dunedin produce high quality prints on Canvas or blocks – either using one of their photos or one of your own.

Click on their website for details

Alternative Resources on an earlier website: Digital Cameras the easy way – Website