2018 Course Dates, Locations

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DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS 2018 – Classes – starting dates, times & locations: Six week courses – Two hours per week –  Course Cost: $195 (incl. GST)   Start Date                Time               Location Mon 19 February          2pm – 4pm     Mornington Presbyterian Church, 16 Maryhill Terrace, Mornington, Dunedin. Mon 19 February          7pm – 9pm     Mornington […]

Book now for 2018

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In 2008 Brian published Digital Camera the easy way, a pocket guide that has since sold over 10 000 copies. Since then Brian has tutored over 600 people on how to use their digital camera, organise images on the computer and in basic photoshop techniques. The 2018 courses will start on 19 Feb 2018 and […]

Some references from participants

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Here are some recent references from participants on the course – “Brian certainly has a way of demystifying digital photography and so perhaps I have overcome my reticence to get involved. I appreciated his emphasis on how to deal with large numbers of shots currently scattered on the hard drives of various computers about the house.” […]

Course Outline

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For Compact Cameras or Beginners with a Digital SLR Week 1 – Introduction to Digital Photography How digital photography works – How to buy a digital camera – Set up a digital camera – Backup systems – How to take photos – Composition – Digital workflow – Download photos to a computer – Using a […]

About Photobooks

The most long lasting way to share your photos is using Photobooks and this is one of the most exciting developments in the new Digital Age. There are many different companies competing for a slice of the new Photobook cake and you need to check several out before deciding what suits you best in terms […]

About Picasa web albums

There are many online systems to share photos. You can put photos on Facebook but that is more of a social network system and if you really just want to share photos and not get tied up with having to ‘Facebook’ then you need a dedicated photo sharing system. The two most popular systems are […]

Digital Camera Course Notes & Links

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WEEK ONE – Week one was an introduction and overview, to the world of Digital Photography. It is not just about learning how to use your camera, but also the various work-flow procedures of SHOOT – DOWNLOAD – CULL- BACKUP – FILE – EDIT – SHARE. Digital Photography is an exciting world but unless you […]

Photo Course Outline

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Digital Photography for Beginners Ring Brian Miller 03 4761 453 or email: brian@brianmiller.co.nz to join the classes. Course structure:   Week 1 – Introduction to Digital Photography Historical overview of photography – The digital revolution – How digital photography works – Sensors, pixels and resolution – How to buy a digital camera – How to […]