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About Photobooks

The most long lasting way to share your photos is using Photobooks and this is one of the most exciting developments in the new Digital Age. There are many different companies competing for a slice of the new Photobook cake and you need to check several out before deciding what suits you best in terms of ease of making the book, quality and price. You may be able to make photobooks in your local town and you should first ask around to see what is on offer and look at sample Photobooks.

One of the main decisions is do you want to make the book online or do you want to download software and make the book on your own computer. Making a book online means you have to be online as you make it and that has it’s limitations. Making the book on your own computer in your own time is usually easier and then at the end you upload the book for printing.

Here is a list of the best quality online Photobook systems

Blurb – ONLINE or DOWNLOAD – One of the leading Photobook companies in the world with a wide range of services up to professional level.

You can use the Blurb Bookify system to create your book online, or download on to your computer Blurb BookSmart or Blurb for Professionals. You can even create your book in Indesign then eport it to Blurb in PDF format. You can create books and sell them online via the Blurb marketing system and even create books to run on an iPone or iPad platform. If you are planning to seriously extend into the world of Photobooks, check Blurb out carefully.

Frogprints – ONLINE or DOWNLOAD – Easy to use with lots of creative options but a limited number of book types.

Photobox – ONLINE system only – Europe’s leading online digital photo service with over 11 million members. Very high quality books with a wide range of formats.

Snapfish – ONLINE or DOWNLOAD – Easy to use system good for beginners. Has a wide range of book types. Cheap prices

Photobook – ONLINE or DOWNLOAD – NZ made software that is easy to use but limited in creativity.  Cheap prices.