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About Picasa web albums

There are many online systems to share photos. You can put photos on Facebook but that is more of a social network system and if you really just want to share photos and not get tied up with having to ‘Facebook’ then you need a dedicated photo sharing system. The two most popular systems are Flickr and Picasaweb, and both are free unless you want to increase your storage and pay a small annual fee.

Picasa has more flexible storage options should you wish to increase the capacity and hold many hundreds of photos and because Picasa Web is owned by Google is has easier ways of sharing with friends.


1 – Set up a Google Account – Picasaweb is owed by Google and you need  a google name (Account) before you can set up Picasaweb.

2 – A google account enables you to use Gmail and also allows you to set up groups of friends and family and send an automatic email to selected groups when you add new photos.

3 – Do NOT confuse Picasa and Picasa Web Albums. Picasa is the editing software which you download on to your computer (and I recommend you do NOT use that) while Picasa Web Albums is the online sharing system.

4 – Go to  to sign up for your Picasa Web Album account. Using your Google name and password, follow the instructions to set up the account.

5 – Select photos to upload to Picasa and put them in a folder

6 – Open your Picasa Web Album using your URL


7 – Click ‘Upload’ photos. Then navigate to your folder of photos.

8 – Click ‘Home’ and click the new album to view the photos or run a slideshow

9 – Send a group email to friends or family with a link to your new album

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