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How to use Picasa web albums

UPLOAD PHOTOS _________________________

Select copies of the photos you want to upload put them into a folder. Resize them to make upload quicker. by dragging the photo into Photoshop Elements – click image > Resize > Image size. Then click resample and change the resolution to 72 and the width to about 600 pixels. Click ok Then click File > save as,  into a second folder selecting medium quality. Or Click file > save for web and select a medium quality file size.

This will reduce the size of the image making it quicker to upload while still providing a suitable image on the screen. If you have many photos to upload you can resize a batch of photos. See page 57 in the book Digital Cameras the easy way for this technique.

Click into your Picasa Web Albums using your URL


Click ‘Upload’ – Then EITHER ‘Create a new Album by giving it a name OR ‘add to an existing album. Then click ‘Select Photos from your computer’ and select the appropriate folder of photos. Wait for them to upload then give them individual captions if you wish.

UPLOAD PLUGINS ________________________

You can make the process of uploading much quicker by searching for and downloading a plugin to upload photos directly from iPhoto (Mac) or from Windows Live Photo Gallery to Picasa Web Albums. The plugin allows you to make albums on your computer and upload them directly and quickly to Picasa Web Albums.


Click on your Picasaweb name to open your Albums


ADJUST COVER PHOTO _____________________

Click Home> Click on the album, Click Actions > Album Cover – Then Click on one of your best photos, that is representative of the album and it will become the Album cover.

ORGANIZE YOUR ALBUM ____________________

Click on the album then click Organize and you can then rearrange the sequence of the photos.

SHARE _________________________________

Click on an album and click the SHARE button.  If you belong to Google+ you can then add the circles of friends that you would like to share the photos with. If you want to share by email click the Share via Email only link at the base of the box.

When you share by email click the TO: link and then the Most Contacted drop down menu to bring up your lists of groups. These groups are lists of friends emails that you have made within your Gmail system. How to make Gmail groups.