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How to setup Picasa web albums

1 – GOOGE ACCOUNT – Picasa Web Albums is owned by Google so to setup you need to first have a Google account. Go to If you need help setting up your account got to  To set up your account you need to select a google name. Choose your own common name or if that is not available choose a close variation so that people who search for you will recognize the name.

Google Profile.

– Gmail – Once you have a Google Account you will e provided with a gmail name which allows you to send emails via the online Google email system. Gmail is very useful as you can access your emails from any computer anywhere in the world and also set up gmail GROUPS which can automatically inform the group of friends or family selected when you have added new photos to your Picasaweb.

– You Tube – is also owned by Google and so your google account also allows you to set up You Tube and upload movie

– Google for Weddings is another service you can use from your Google account so set up your own Wedding website and contact service.



Picasa is a software system that you can download using your Google account and use to organize and edit all the photos on your computer. I recommend you do NOT download or use this system. After running camera classes for years I have people in every class who have problems with Picasa. It tends to take over you photos and orgaise them to much with the result that images and copies are hard to control and locate. I RECOMMEND you set up your own manual photo files independent of any software and add keywords.

Picasa Web Albums is separate from Picasa itself and is the online system for sharing photos.

3 – Go to  to sign up for your Picasa Web Album account. Using your Google name and password, follow the instructions to set up the account.

Once you have your own Picasa Web Album you are given your own URL name such as –

This is the link to give to friends who you would like to view your photos. Place a bookmark in your favourites so you can access your page quickly without having to type in the lengthy URL each time.