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Some references from participants

Here are some recent references from participants on the course –

“Brian certainly has a way of demystifying digital photography and so perhaps I have overcome my reticence to get involved. I appreciated his emphasis on how to deal with large numbers of shots currently scattered on the hard drives of various computers about the house.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learnt a lot, and feel very excited about photography in the future.”

“Thanks for running the workshop – it was really informative only now I have to make the difficult decision of which camera to buy!! ”

“I gained much from the course and am slowly trying to digest it all.  I have used the camera and had Brian’s voice ringing in my ears!”

“I learnt heaps from the workshop and will be more motivated to experiment. It was a great work shop. Many thanks.”

“I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. (High praise from a teenager.)”

“I would like to express my thanks for this course. I found it extremely worth while. The tutor Brian Miller was excellent and made us all feel welcome and very patiently made sure we had all the help we needed. His teaching was not only informative but also very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have come away from it much more knowledgeable about my camera and how to use it.”
“The classes have been great.  I have been looking for a course since a bought my camera and Brian was great – I learnt so much!  Thought I had read my manual with the camera, but I would say most of what Brian focussed on I had no idea about and Brian presented it in a such a simple straight forward way that I understood.  Very greatful for the chance to attend this excellent course that I would recommend it to anyone who had a new camera.”
“I thought your classes were great, thank you. It did exactly what I hoped, which was to enable me to understand enough about my camera and photography so as to know where to start in improving my pictures. I really liked the way you taught us about the few key functions on the camera, such as ISO and aperture and told us we didn’t to worry about the rest too much – I was a bit overwhelmed before by such a large menu. It also encouraged me to go back to the manual and find the quickest way to do those things – and I’ve now found a great short cut to a lot of them. My photographs have really improved since I did the course and now I know the basics I can see the scope for getting a lot better. I’ve enjoyed looking on the internet for good examples of interesting photographs too – so thanks for that tip.”
“I had to rush off on Wed night so did not say how much I enjoyed the classes. I had been to a previous one day camera class a year ago which had left me daunted and very frustrated so it’s now good to feel much more hopeful and excited. Thank you.”

“Thank you Brian, I thorough enjoyed the classes and it certainly gave me some extra tips which I am putting to good use.”

“Loving the course. I will also pay for the little book on Wednesday”





Dusky Sound, New Zealand